Understanding Your Septic System

Your septic system is an investment.  And we all know that good investments require care.  Mid State Septic in Millbury, MA thinks it’s important for you to understand how your system works and how to keep it in top shape.

Your septic system has four main parts: a septic tank, the pipe from your home, the soil and your drain field.  Microbes in the earth remove or digest most of the contaminants from the waste water before it eventually reaches the groundwater.

The pipe from your home is responsible for transporting all waste water from the home to the septic tank.  The septic tank will then hold the waste water long enough for the solids to settle and the and oil and grease to surface as scum on the top.  Your tank is made of concrete, polyethylene or fiberglass and is water-tight.  Compartments and screens prevent the sludge and scum from exiting the tank to the drain field which is why periodic pumping and inspections are so important.

The remaining waste water is pushed from the tank to the drain field each time new waste water enters into the tank.  The water dispersed into the drain field is then further treated by the microbes in the soil.    Too much water flowing into your drain field can cause sewage flooding which is why some states require homeowners to have a reserve drain field in case the current one fails.   Remember, the soil has to be able to break down any further contaminants in the water, so if you do not have suitable soil on your property you may require an alternative system.  Our next blog will provide a description of an alternative system.

If you have any questions about  your septic system and whether or not it is functioning properly, Call Mid State Septic at 800-439-6989.  We happily serve Massachusetts customers in Auburn, Boylston, Charlton, Douglas, Grafton, Holden, Hopkinton, Leicester, Manchaug, Millbury, Northboro, Oxford, Shrewsbury, Spencer, Sutton, Upton, Uxbridge, Webster, Westboro and Worcester.




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