Some Tips and Trivia About Septic Systems

  • It’s important to remember that sewer leakages, breaks and floods are more than an inconvenience. Because of the bacteria present in untreated sewage, your family could be at risk for serious health consequences.


  •  If a sewer drain clog is particularly stubborn and won’t respond to a drain snake auger, then water jetting is the solution. High-pressure water jetting systems are able to blast grease and clogs out of drains and leave your pipes in like-new condition.


  • Installing a septic system requires construction and operating permits issued by the local health department. We can obtain the proper permits for you, and will schedule a site visit by the local health inspector to determine whether the soil on your property is adequate for the project.


  • When you are working on a plan for your new home, you need to assess how big a system you need for your septic. Most cities and states have specific rules to govern this- but they are not always publicized well. Your best bet is to let a professional make that assessment.


  • Sewage systems go back thousands of years to the times of the ancient Romans, according to historians. Open drains relied on gravity to carry away storm water as well as sewage and garbage thrown into the streets.

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