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Leicester, MA – Septic Services

A part of Worcester County, Leicester has a significant history as a player in the Revolutionary War. Although no significant battles fought in the area, Leicester citizens played a large role in the conflict’s start. At a Committee of Safety meeting in 1774, Leicester’s Colonel William Henshaw declared that “we must have companies of men ready to march upon a minute’s notice”—coining the term “minutemen”, a nickname for the militia members who fought in the revolution’s first battles. Henshaw would later become an adjutant general to Artemas Ward, who was second in command to George Washington in the Continental Army.

Leicester currently is town with a population of approximately 11,000, of which 1,900 are school age, and 2,200 are senior citizens.  Although the majority of the residents commute to work in other cities or towns, there are over 300 businesses in town, including several restaurants, several working farms, three golf courses, two Frisbee golf courses, a nursing and rehabilitation facility, gymnastics training, numerous personal and professional service businesses, numerous other small businesses, plus Tractor Supply, Inc., and Wal-Mart.

 As one of Mid State Sewerage’s service areas, we are proud to serve the residents of Leicester MA and specialize in septic system installations, sewer hookups and catch basin cleaning as well as excavation and site work.  We are also able to perform Title V Inspections for your property.  Call us at 800-439-6989.


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