More Sewerage System Facts and Tips

We’ve collected some of our Facebook posts to share with you on one place.  Did you know these things about septic systems?


One way to keep your septic tank system operating at its best is to minimize your use of heavy duty cleaners? Overuse of harsh chemicals can actually kill beneficial bacteria in the septic tank, reducing its ability to break down solids.


How do sewer inspection cameras work? The camera is enclosed in a watertight steel case resistant to corrosives and solvents. Bright LED lights enable the camera to capture real-time imagery in pitch-black pipes and ductwork. Fiber optic cable transmits the image to a viewing monitor.


Drain-field maintenance is critical to keeping your sewage system functioning properly. We will make sure that rain, drain water, and other run-off are all directed away from your septic system’s drain-field to maintain the field’s filtering capacity.


In order to keep your septic system running at its best, it’s important that you carefully monitor what goes into the toilet. Never flush cat litter, disposable diapers, female sanitary products, paper towels, or facial tissues.


Conserving water can reduce the load on your septic system. For example, you can do laundry over the course of the week instead of all at once, use flow reducer nozzles on your showers, and install low-flow commodes.


Did you know that the soil around your septic tank is a huge filter or strainer? It acts as a kind of biological recycling system that transforms waste water from your septic tank into clean water. In nature, nothing is ever wasted.


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