Gardening and Septic Tanks

Spring is underway and a lot of people are thinking about their gardens.  One question that frequently crops us is whether it is safe to garden around your septic tank.  The answer here is really yes and no.

First of all, any plants that have deep, spreading roots are a no.  You do not want these roots growing and causing any damage to your septic system.  While there is no health danger with non-vegetable plants, you need to keep the root depth and spread in mind when doing any planting in the area.  This also includes the drain field because you do not want to disturb the integrity of the soil bed and crate any unnecessary problems.

Vegetable gardens have other considerations.  While the chance of contamination to your vegetables is slim, potential contaminants will depend on the kind of soil you have and the condition of your septic system.  Unless you are certain of these conditions, it’s probably not worth the risk.

Your septic system is an expensive investment and its it your best interest to protect and maintain it well.  As a guide, try planting only about 10 feet away and keep those trees even further at bay!

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