Facts About Your Septic System

Here are some more things to be aware of when your home has a septic system. 

Seasons play a role in the performance of your septic system. In cold weather, solids settle faster, while in warm weather, the materials break down faster and more efficiently. When seasons change, some septic systems tend to “burp” as they warm up.

It’s important to remember that even the most durable of underground storage tanks are not indestructible. There’s always a chance that your old tank will deteriorate and begin leaking.

After a sewer video inspection is performed, your technician will be able to accurately diagnose what’s going on with your sewer system. Whether the issue involves root infiltration or gaping cracks and holes, these issues can be repaired promptly to prevent more extensive damage down the road.

When was the last time you considered what you’re putting into your garbage disposal? Your blades might be powerful enough process solids, but it will add more solid bulk to your septic tank.

Did you know that prescription and non-prescription medications have been detected in the drinking water supplies of 24 major metropolitan areas? Research shows that even the best water treatment plants do not remove all drug residues from drinking water.

It’s good to make sure your family knows the rules about what can be flushed into the septic system. Don’t forget that chemical cleaners are problematic because they could kill some of the natural bacteria that treats your household waste.

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