Did you know?

Your garbage disposal can actually double the amount of solids added to a septic tank? It’s recommended that you use your disposal wisely, and choose a top of the line disposal system that will grind the food into tiny particles.

All drain systems in and around your home have one purpose – to divert water away from your home to prevent leaks. We are experts in all types of drains including French drains, slope drains, downspouts, drainage ditches, and channel drains.

A septic system that uses a septic tank and drain field is known as an OSSF, or On Site Sewage Facility. There are other types, such as aerobic and biofilter systems, but a septic tank based system is the oldest and the most common OSSF by far.

Some sewage systems have indicators built in that tell you when your tank is full and needs to be pumped. This can be anything from an alarm sound (usually a high-pitched beeping or buzzing noise) to a red indicator light.

Over time, catch basins may need to be adjusted to ensure they are draining properly. Deterioration such as weak mortar, water erosion, salt, and heavy vehicle traffic can cause the catch basin to need adjusting.

In North America, approximately 25% of the population uses a septic system and septic tank. That comes out to be about 132 million people in rural, suburban, and urban areas.

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